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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to frequently asked questions below.

What genres does Crave Press publish?

We publish fiction and non-fiction books in a variety of genres. We do print and eBook publishing. You can see a list of our titles along with their descriptions on our Books tab.

I would like to submit my manuscript for publication consideration. What must I do before submitting my manuscript?

You manuscript should be complete and edited when submitted for review. Please make sure your manuscript as as polished as possible before submitting. Upon receipt of your manuscript, Crave Press will provide you with an anticipated deadline for reviewing your book. We may accept the manuscript as it is without any revisions, choose not to publish your manuscript, or offer to reconsider the manuscript if you make suggested changes. You are not obligated to make those changes and resubmit to Crave Press, nor will making those changes guarantee we will decide to publish your book; however, if you make those changes we will reconsider your manuscript. Please take your time when deciding whether to do any rewrites as we do not have a timeframe for you to submit rewrites for reconsideration.

Although you are not required to have a professional author photo taken before submitting your book, you should have a professional photo (or a photo that looks professionally done even if it’s not professionally done) to market yourself as an author. If your book is accepted for publication, we will ask for a photo to use on our website and social media. If you have your photo professionally done, you will be responsible for the costs, ensuring you have the right to use the photo, and understanding what attribution your photographer requires.

If your book has been published before, you should no longer be under contract with another publisher, and you must have the copyright to your work. If you are under contract with another publisher or if you have signed away your copyright, Crave Press will not publish your book. If you self-publish your book, you will need to stop self-publishing your book if your manuscript is accepted for publication.

My book was accepted for publication, now what?

Crave Press will provide you with a contract to sign and will determine a timeline for publication. We will also explain what information we need from you to move forward with the initial marketing your book.

If you self-publish your book, you must stop selling your self-published version of the book.

Do I, the author, retain my copyright?

Yes, the author maintains all copyright of the work; however, while under contract with Crave Press, you are granting Crave Press the right to publish and sell your work.

Is the author responsible for any publishing costs?

Crave Press does not charge the author for any book production costs, however the author must have submitted a complete manuscript for publication. If your manuscript includes illustrations or photos, the author is responsible for contracting with an illustrator or photographer, arranging payment for the illustrators or photos, and obtaining the rights to use these items in the book. If the book includes any other materials that are not the original intellectual property of the author, the author is responsible for obtaining all copyright permissions and any associated costs to use these items.

Once Crave Press receives a complete manuscript and the author has all of the required permissions to use items in the book, Crave Press will assume the costs associated with book production. Theses costs include having an editor review the book to ensure it is polished and conforms to style guidelines, book layout, working with an artist for cover design, and getting the book to retailers and distributors. Crave Press also assumes the cost of providing the author with a small quantity of complimentary copies of the book and book postcards.

What type of marketing and promotion does Crave Press do for authors and books?

As a publisher, Crave Press markets the company and our books, not the individual authors. As an author, you will be responsible for maintaining your own social media, booking your own signings, doing your own individual promotion for yourself as an author. Crave Press will do an initial media push when the book is released, and then your book will be part of our ongoing regular book marketing efforts.

Here is an overview of the initial media push when a book is released.

Here is an overview of the ongoing marketing efforts Crave Press engages in to sell our books.

Please note that although Crave Press markets books and not individual authors, if you provide us with information about your upcoming events, we will share this information. We will also share links to any reviews, interviews, etc. if you tag us in your social media posts or share the information with us. Crave Press can also provide guidance to help you get started and maintain your publicity efforts.

What can I do as an author to publicize my work?

Authors may hire a publicist or may engage in their own publicity efforts. If you are going to engage in your own publicity efforts, we suggest you do the following.

What are your distribution outlets?

Crave Press has distribution via Ingram as well as online book retailers. We also keep a small number of books on hand. Our major focus is on online sales, but we do have our titles in small bookstores. Specialty retailers carry our books when appropriate. Keep in mind that stores will choose which titles to carry based on the needs of their patrons. Books retailers may order through Ingram or directly through Crave Press.

What is your initial print run?

Our initial print run varies depending on a number of factors including the number of copies an author would like to have, review copies, and Crave Press keeping some books on hand. If you anticipate needing more books for an upcoming event, we can have books printed and shipped to you. Please notify us at least two weeks in advance if you need books for an event.