Meet the Crave Press authors.

Author Tom Dillman

Tom Dillman, author of The Gnome Door Chronicles.

Author MA Kunkle

M.A. Kunkle., author of Aaron and Savannah Want to Visit Daddy in Heaven.

Author David J. Reimer Sr.

David J. Reimer, Sr., author of Courage Over Cancer and Craft and Micro Distilleries in the US and Canada.

Author Christina J. Steffy

Christina J. Steffy, author of Librarians & Stereotypes: So, Now What?

Author Marilyn Joyce Minter Wolgemuth

Marilyn Joyce Minter Wolgemuth, author of Bedpans and Backrubs: The Trials and Joys of a Student Nurse (1950-1953).

Author L.T. World

L.T. World, author of Prophesy.