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Bedpans and Backrubs
The Trials and Joys of a Student Nurse (1950-1953)

Marilyn Joyce Minter Wolgemuth

Told through the lens of Marilynís journal entries and letters, readers experience her personal story of growth through the trials, tribulations, and ultimate joys of nursing school while getting a serious and sometimes comical glimpse into how much has changed in nursing and the health care setting in general. You will laugh and cry with Marilyn as you read about her education milestones on the path to the nursing career she dreamed of since she was 11 years old.

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Courage Over Cancer
David J. Reimer Sr.

Lions have long symbolized courage, strength, and personal power. Courage Over Cancer combines uplifting and encouraging quotes with powerful images of lions representing the emotional and physical effects of cancer treatment. This lightsome photographic journey of courage in the face of fear and despair is meant to support and inspire a positive attitude. It is that positive attitude and courage that will lead the way towards healing and recovery.

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit patient programs and cancer research.


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